Hello, my name is Chris. I’ve decided to take upon myself the quest of modernizing the Book of Mormon. Why? Multiple reasons, such as I’m tired of reading archaic English, I want to have to study the Book of Mormon more in depth, and because I think it’ll be a fun writing project overall.

Perhaps some might say, “But you can’t modernize the Book of Mormon, it’s already perfect!” and to that I say, yes, it is perfect in the sense of the precepts it puts forward, but I say no to it being perfect in its conveyance. The scholars can keep their archaic English to study, but I want to enjoy reading God’s word.

I am aware that there’s another modernized version of the Book of Mormon, known as the Plain English Version, but… it’s for sale. I wish to release a modernized Book of Mormon free for people to read on this blog, and so that is my goal, to post what I have done on here chapter by chapter until it is finished. I wish to make it public as I go because I hope others who are smarter than me will give their input on certain verses I might have wrong, cause I know I’m bound to get some of the meaning wrong, for “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.”

Also just to say how I’m going about modernizing it, I’m not just trying to update the old words like ‘hath’ or ‘thou’ or ‘thee’ or ‘ye’, I’m going through it in a sort of thought-for-thought process while trying to stay close with the original words and meaning, like the New Living Translation of the Bible (which is my inspiration for this in the first place). Which is why I might need help all the more.

So yeah! I hope you join me on this journey, I think it’ll be fun.