Lehi’s sons return to Jerusalem and invite Ishmael and his household to join them in their journey—Laman and others rebel—Nephi exhorts his brethren to have faith in the Lord—They bind him with cords and plan his destruction—He is freed by the power of faith—His brethren ask forgiveness—Lehi and his company offer sacrifice and burnt offerings.

1 Now I would have you know that after my father had stopped prophesying about his descendants, the Lord spoke to him again, saying it was not suitable for him to take his family into the wilderness alone, but that his sons should take daughters to wife that they might raise up children to the Lord in the land of promise.

2 And the Lord commanded him that my brothers and I should again return to Jerusalem and bring down Ishmael and his family into the wilderness.

3 So my brothers and I again made our way through the wilderness to Jerusalem,

4 and when we got to Ishmael’s house, we gained favor in his sight, so we repeated the Lord’s words to him.

5 Then the Lord softened Ishmael’s heart, along with his family, so they agreed to go back to my father’s tent in the wilderness with us.

6 As we made our way through the wilderness, Laman and Lemuel, two of Ishmael’s daughters, and two of his sons and their families rebelled against us; indeed, against me, Sam, Ishmael, his wife, and his three other daughters.

7 And they rebelled by desiring to return to Jerusalem.

8 I spoke to them, being sorrowed by their stone hearts, saying, “You’re my older brothers, how come your hearts are so hard and your minds so blind that you need me, your younger brother, to speak to you and set the example?

9 How come you’ve not listened to the Lord’s word?

10 How come you’ve forgotten that you saw an angel of the Lord?

11 And how come you’ve forgotten what great things the Lord has done for us in delivering us out of Laban’s hands so we could obtain the brass plates?

12 And finally, how come you’ve forgotten that the Lord is able to do anything according to His will for the children of men, so long as they exercise faith in Him? He can! So let us be faithful to Him.

13 Because if we are faithful to Him, we will obtain the land of promise, and you will know at some future time that the Lord’s word about the destruction of Jerusalem will be fulfilled, for everything which the Lord has said about the destruction of Jerusalem must be fulfilled.

14 Just look at them, the Spirit of the Lord will soon cease to work with them, and they have rejected the prophets, and they have thrown Jeremiah into prison, and they have tried to kill our father to the point of driving him out of the land.

15 Realize that if you return to Jerusalem, you will die with them. The choice is laid before you, but if you go back with the knowledge of what I’ve said to you, you will die, for the Spirit of the Lord has compelled me to say this to you.”

16 When I finished speaking to my brothers, they were angry with me, and they grabbed me and bound me with rope, being full of rage and wanting to kill me by leaving me in the wilderness to be eaten by wild animals.

17 But I prayed to the Lord, saying, “O Lord, according to my faith in you, would you deliver me from the hands of my brothers, even by giving me strength that I may break these ropes with which I am bound?”

18 And when I had finished praying, the ropes loosened and fell off my hands and feet, and I stood before my brothers and spoke to them again.

19 They were angry with me again, and again tried to lay their hands on me, but Ishmael’s wife, one of his daughters, and one of his sons pled with my brothers to the point that their hearts softened, and they stopped trying to kill me.

20 And they became sorrowful because of their wickedness, to the point they bowed down before me and pled for me to forgive them for what they’d done to me.

21 And I honestly forgive them for all they had done and urged them to pray to the Lord their God for forgiveness. Then they did so, and afterwards we continued our journey back to our father’s tent.

22 After we had all made it to my father’s tent, we gave thanks to the Lord, offering sacrifice and burnt offerings to Him.