Lehi’s sons return to Jerusalem to obtain the brass plates—Laban refuses to give the plates up—Nephi urges and encourages his brethren—Laban steals their property and attempts to kill them—Laman and Lemuel smite Nephi and Sam and are reproved by an angel.

1 After the Lord spoke to me, I returned to my father’s tent.

2 Then my father said to me, “Nephi, I’ve had a dream where the Lord commanded me to send you and your brothers back to Jerusalem,

3 because Laban has the record of the Jews along with the genealogy of my ancestors, which are engravened on brass plates.

4 Thus the Lord has commanded me to send you and your brothers to the house of Laban to get the records and bring them back.

5 Now, your brothers are complaining about this, saying it’s a hard thing I’ve required from them, but know that it is not I who require it, it is a commandment of the Lord.

6 So go, my son, and you will be favored of the Lord because you haven’t complained.”

7 I said to my father, “I’ll go and do what the Lord has commanded, as I know that the Lord does not give commandments to mankind unless He will prepare a way for them in order to accomplish what He commands them.”

8 When my father heard this, he was overjoyed, because he knew that I had been blessed of the Lord.

9 So I and my brothers journeyed in the wilderness with our tents to go back to the land of Jerusalem.

10 When we had reached the land of Jerusalem, my brothers and I consulted with each other,

11 and we rolled a dice to determine who would go to Laban’s house. The task fell to Laman, so he went to Laban’s house and talked with him.

12 He asked Laban for the records engraved on the brass plates that contained my father’s genealogy.

13 Laban became angry and pushed him away, not allowing him to have the records, saying to him, “You are a robber! I’ll kill you.”

14 But Laman ran away and told us what Laban had done. We became depressed, and my brothers were about to return to my father in the wilderness.

15 Before they could, I said to them, “As the Lord lives, and as we live, we will not go to our father until we’ve got what we came for, as the Lord has commanded us.

16 So let’s be faithful in keeping the Lord’s commandments and go to our father’s house, because he left behind his money and luxuries, which he’d done because of the Lord’s commands,

17 since he knew that Jerusalem would be destroyed, because of the people’s evil works.

18 Remember that they have rejected the words of the prophets, and if our father should live in this land after he had been commanded to leave it, he too would perish, therefore he needed to leave.

19 Remember that it is wisdom in God for us to get these records so that we may preserve for our children the language of our ancestors,

20 and also so we may preserve for them the words spoken by the mouths of all the holy prophets, which were delivered to them by the Spirit and power of God, from the beginning of the world until today.”

21 I said this to my brothers to persuade them to be faithful in keeping God’s commandments.

22 So we went down to our father’s house and gathered together the money and valuable objects,

23 then went to Laban’s house again,

24 asking him if he would give us the brass plates in exchange for our money and valuables.

25 When Laban saw that we had a lot of riches, he hungered to have it, to the point he pushed us out and sent his servants to kill us in order to take our riches.

26 We ran from his servants and were forced to leave our riches behind in his possession.

27 So we ran back into the wilderness, and Laban’s servants didn’t catch us, then we hid in the cavity of a rock.

28 Laman became angry at me and my father, and so did Lemuel, since he listened to Laman. They both spoke many harsh words to us, their younger brothers, and they hit us with a rod.

29 As they hit us, an angel of the Lord appeared standing before them, and he said to them, “Why are you attacking your younger brother with a rod? Don’t you know that the Lord has chosen him to be a ruler over you because of your sins? Look, go to Jerusalem again, and this time the Lord will deliver Laban into your hands.”

30 And after the angel had said this to us, he left.

31 Afterward, Laman and Lemuel again began to complain, saying, “How is it possible that the Lord will deliver Laban into our hands? He’s strong and can command fifty, and you know, he could probably kill fifty too, so why wouldn’t he kill us?”